I'm wishing on a star

Originally performed by Rose Royce

Fields of Gold

Originally performed by Sting (1993), covered by Eva Cassidy (1996)


Originally performed by Gavin James

Dat ik je mis

Originally written and performed by Maaike Ouboter

Here, there and everywhere

Originally performed by The Beatles

Cover: Hanneke Hommes on the piano

I knew this would be love

Originally performed by Imaginary Future


Originally performed by BLØF ft. Geike Arnaert

Suplica Morna (Original: Djoya)

We heard this song the first time when we were on holidays in Cabo Verde. After searching for the lyrics for quite some time, I decided to try to sing this song with only a ukelele for instrumentation. Curious as to what the original song sounds like? Listen to it on YouTube, via:


In my cover version I'm playing on a Carvalho ukelele (soprano), purchased at Uked (www.uked.nl) They sell the most beautiful ukeleles, which are all imported from Portugal, after being handmade by the Carvalho family. Amazing instrument for an even better price.

La vie en rose, but with my soprano Carvalho ukelele from Uked.nl. Version as performed by Cristin Milioti in the television show "How I Met Your Mother". 

Jij bent de liefde. Originally performed by Kenny B. and covered by Maan. This time a cover on my semi acoustic guitar (Eastman).

Mini Mahler

Podium Witteman, live on February 17th 2019, NPO2.

Mini Mahler with unexpected instruments, composed by Anne-Maartje Lemereis.

Summertime, performed on the Grachtenfestival, Amsterdam (2016). Accompanied by The Netherlands Youth Choir, and Peter Vigh (saxophone).


Files coming soon.